PAF Olomouc

Manipulation + familiar techniques in Jakub Jansa’s Spiritual Fitness at PAF Olomouc

21 February 2017
Jakub Jansa‘s Spiritual Fitness project was on at Olomouc’s PAF Festival, running from December 1 to 4, 2016.
The Prague-based artist remixed a number a of familiar commodification techniques and aesthetic values to explore the terrain of manipulation and personality cult. Neither mockery, nor warning, his practice explores the space between human desire and capitalism, seeking out a more balanced form of expression.
Jansa’s projects are “set in the present day world of the ubiquitous announcers of progress and foolish visionaries, where the permanent revolution of building elements has become an everyday reality,” examining the role of the ‘supermedia’ artist.
For its 15th edition, PAF (Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art) chose the theme ‘Why Look at Animals’ inspired by John Berger‘s seminal book of the same name that explores “the humanizing of animals and the significance of zoological gardens.”**

Jakub Jansa’s Spiritual Fitness project at Olomouc’s PAF Festival ran from December 1 to 4, 2016.

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