Philipp Timischl

Desire and obsession in How far to open up? at Forum Stadtpark Feb 17

14 February 2017

The How far to open up? group exhibition is on at Graz’s Forum Stadtpark, opening February 17 and running to February 25. 

Organised by Florentine Muhry and Cathrin Mayer, the show features works by over 20 artists, including Gina Folly, Hanne LippardPhilipp Timischl, Michaela Schweighofer, Fabian LeitgebSamantha Bohatsch and Rosa Rendl, among others. The opening night will host performances by Alizee Lenox, Anna Barfuss, Barbara Kapusta and Battle-ax.

Accompanying the event is a text by Muhry who analyses the “longing, desire, obsession, and the projections resulting therefrom” that make up the basis of the exhibition. Looking at ephemerality, vulnerability and intimacy, the artists explore what it is to yearn, both physically, as an act of production, and mentally.

See the Forum Stadtpark website for details.**

Philipp Timischl, 2, (2016). Courtesy the artist and Vilma Gold


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FIAC 2016 @ Paris, Oct 17 – 23

18 October 2016

The international contemporary art fair FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) is taking place this week across Paris, opening October 17 and running to October 23.

The event, now in its 43rd year, will be held at both the Grand Palais and other locations they’ve named ‘Outside the Walls’. Curated by Christophe Leribault and associate curator Lorenzo Benedetti, FIAC will bring together over 1,500 artists and 175 galleries from 26 countries.

There’s an exciting line-up of artists’ film at Cinéphémère including Heather Phillipson, Laure ProuvostCécile B. Evans, Will Benedict, Cally Spooner and Yasmin Davis among many others. 

Some galleries and events to check out:

Lili Reynaud and Philipp Timischl @ Emanuel Layr

A solo show by Tetsumi Kudo @ Andrea Rosen

Letha Wilson & Kate Steciw @ Christophe Gaillard

Performances (Parade for FIAC)

Uriel Barthélémi + Nikhil Chopra in 3hr performance Floating cities & loaded dice @ Gare du Nord – October 18

Maria Hassabi’s choreographed performance @ Musée du Louvre – Oct 22

Zhana Ivanova performs Royalty @ Grand Palais – Oct 21

See the FIAC webpage for details.**

Bouchra Ouizguen. Performance still, (2016). Courtesy the artist + FIAC. Photo : Hasnae El Ouarga
Bouchra Ouizguen. Performance still, (2016). Courtesy the artist + FIAC.
Photo : Hasnae El Ouarga
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Art Brussels 2016, Apr 22- 24

18 April 2016

From Discovery to Rediscovery is the titular theme of this year’s Art Brussels fair, which is on at the large former industrial building, Tours & Taxis, running April 22 – 24

This year the organisers have decreased the size of the fair by about 50 galleries, promising quality over quantity, and have opened up a strand titled ‘Rediscovery‘ —dedicated to art from the 20th century by artists who are either under-represented or have been forgotten about. In with the rediscovery will be the following, whose booths aqnb recommends to go and see if you are in the capital:

Piotr Łakomy, Leo Fitzmaurice and Tyra Tingleff @ Sunday Painter

Anahita Razmi @ State of Concept

Helen Johnson, Parker Ito and Cayetano FerrerChâteau Shatto

Grear Patterson @ Ellis King

Christine Sun Kim @ Carroll/ Fletcher

Yung Jake @ Steve Turner

Navid Nuur + Anne De Vries @ Martin van Zomeren

Josh Reams + Kate Steciw @ Evelyn Yard

Jonathan Monaghan, Quayola and Addie Wagenknecht at bitforms

At the same time, there is Independent —the smaller art fair that was founded in New York in 2010 is coming to Europe (and Brussels) for the first time —running April 20 to 23.

At Independent Brussels will be Lloyd Corporation at Carlos Ishikawa, Philipp Timischl and Stano Filko at Galerie Emanuel Layr, and Rachel de Joode at Christophe Gaillard. There’ll also be ÅYR, DIS, Ned Vena and Sean Steadman at Project Native Informant, and Caroline Achaintre, John Finneran and John Wallbank at Arcade, along with booths from Ellis King, Brand New Gallery, Château Shatto, Room East and Temnikova & Kasela.

There is also Deborah Bowmann at Poppositions, as well as YIA art fair starting on April 21. The latter being held in the LOUISE 186 building and in there we recommend Julien Langendorff‘s ‘Gutter Magic’.

Also happening in Brussels (no fair) and opening on April 19 running June 4 at Galerie Jeanroch Dard is a solo show by London-based artist Dominic Samsworth called Lounge Elopes and Oscar Tuazon’s General Contractor at  dépendance.

See the Art Brussels exhibition page for more details.**

Christine Sun Kim, too possessive for score (2015). Courtesy the artist
Christine Sun Kim, ‘too possessive for score’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Philipp Timischl @ Vilma Gold, Mar 19 – Apr 16

15 March 2016

Vienna-based artist Philipp Timischl will present a solo show, 2 at Vilma Gold in London, opening March 19 and running April 16.

The artist makes work that spreads meaning across multiple medias and mediums in build-up objects and installations and inside single images themselves. For 2, we are introduced to the exhibition by an uncertain correspondence between the title and a blurry black and white image of two people with one of them making a peace sign to a camera as the exhibition image.

The artist has recently shown at LA’s Martos LA with solo exhibit, Good From Afar / Far From Good and alongside Sarah Ortmeyer at Tank.TV.

Also on at Vilma Gold running for the same period will be an exhibition of work by Lynn Hershman LeesonLynn Turning into Roberta, referencing the time the artist spent four years in the mid 1970s moving her physical persona and her life’s traces into that of another fictional being constructed and called Roberta Breitmore.

See the Vilma Gold website for (limited) information on both shows**

Philipp Timischl, Good From Afar/ Far From Good 2015) installation view. Courtesy the artist and Martos LA
Philipp Timischl, Good From Afar/ Far From Good (2015), installation view. Courtesy the artist and Martos LA.


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Philipp Timischl @ Martos LA, Sep 11 – Oct 17

11 September 2015

Philipp Timischl‘s Good From Afar / Far From Good solo exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ Martos LA, opening September 11 and running to October 17.

The Austria-born artist’s show takes it’s name from RuPaul’s Drag Race and explores normalised masculinity and heterogeneity as represented on screen, via multimedia sculptures spanning painting, photography and video. With titles like ‘Just do it normal (masc)’, the exhibition intends to interrogate representations of queerness and contemporary gay culture in mainstream media, particularly its “reliance on heteronormative terminology and traditions, even as expanded concepts of gender and sexuality are being explored in mainstream media”.

See the Martos LA website for details.**

Philipp Timischl, 'Yet, The Alternatives On Offer' @ Galerie Emanuel Layr (2014).
Philipp Timischl, ‘Yet, The Alternatives On Offer’ @ Galerie Emanuel Layr (2014).

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Philipp Timischl + Sarah Ortmeyer @, Apr 2 – 10

2 April 2015 is bringing in Philipp Timischl and Sarah Ortmeyer for an exhibition titled MEDITATION UNITED, running at the London space from April 2 to April 10.

The two Vienna-based artists are continuing their run of collaborative work, having previously shown at Palais de Tokyo, MoMAW, and MAK Center. In MEDITATION UNITED, Timischl exhibits a collection of printed fabric banners from his latest exhibition at Künstlerhaus Graz. Normally suspended from the ceiling, the banners are manipulated to create a “series that deals with privacy, intimacy and repetition”.

Ortmeyer, on the other hand, creates an environment made from a series of life-size portraits. Using the David Beckham Panini Stickers as unlikely inspiration, she plays with repetition in the now archaic practice of collecting and portraiture.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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A Form is a Social Gatherer @ Plymouth Rock, Feb 21 – Mar 29

19 February 2015

Artist-run Zurich space Plymouth Rock is hosting their latest group exhibition, titled A Form is a Social Gatherer, and running from February 21 to March 29.

The show is a massive one, with over 40 artists participating. Some of the ones listed include Alex Mackin Dolan known for his ‘archival inkjet on canvas’ works, as well as installation artists Adam Cruces and Tiril Hasselknippe, Swedish multimedia artist Ilja Karilampi, and Austrian video installation artist Philipp Timischl.

By way of press release, Plymouth Rock simply released this quote by Greek poet Constantine Cavafy:

And if you can’t shape your life the way you want,
at least try as much as you can
not to degrade it
by too much contact with the world,
by too much activity and talk.

Try not to degrade it by dragging it along,
taking it around and exposing it so often
to the daily silliness
of social events and parties,
until it comes to seem a boring hanger-on.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Lonely Boys + Philipp Timischl @ KM-Künstlerhaus, Jan 15

15 January 2015

KM-Künstlerhaus has got a packed night tonight, featuring an exhibition by Philipp Timischl, a book presentation by Sax Publishers, and a performance at 8pm by Lonely Boys.

Timischl’s exhibition, titled They were treating me like an object. As if I were some sextoy or shit. I don’t wanna see them again, is running at the Austrian gallery from December 6 to January 22, spread over long corridor-like hallways plastered with poster-size artwork and video through which smoke machines gently billow out cloud-like puffs of foggy vapour.

The exhibition is accompanied with a book presentation of Timischl’s print book by the same name by Sax Publishers, and the night is capped off with a performance by Berlin/Vienna’s Lonely Boys.

See the FB event page for details. **

they were 4

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