Piotr Łakomy

Piotr Łakomy @ The Sunday Painter, Sep 30 – Nov 5

29 September 2016

Piotr Łakomy is presenting solo exhibition Room Temperature at London’s The Sunday Painter, opening on September 30 and running to November 5.

This will be the second solo show at the gallery for the Poznań-based artist. He works across a variety of media, creating installations that appropriate objects and references from the urban space. Both promotional image and press release are abstract and minimal, including a poem by author of Age of Anxiety, English expat poet W. H. Auden called ‘Prologue: The Birth of Architecture’:

“Some thirty inches from my nose
The frontier of my Person goes,
And all the untilled air between
Is private pagus or demesne.”

Recent exhibitions include Statements, (2016) at Art Basel and a self-titled show at London’s Carl Kostyal in 2015.

Visit The Sunday Painter webpage for more details.**

Piotr Lakomy 'Art Basel Statements', (2016). Courtesy the artist + Art Basel.
Piotr Lakomy ‘Art Basel Statements’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + Art Basel.
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GRANPALAZZO 2016, May 28 – 29

26 May 2016

Independent international art fair GRANPALAZZO 2016 is on in at Zagarolo’s Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi, running May 28 to 29.

Now in its second year running, the fair is showing 28 artists represented by 28 galleries in the Italian town, situated outside of a major city centre and the global art circuit. Rather than presenting booths, artists from Belgium, Canada, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and the United States will show their work in dialogue with the  17th century Borghese palace to, as the press release states, “create a succession of poetic visions, styles, research”.

Some artists worth a mention include Anna BarhamBrian KokoskaPiotr ŁakomyDaniele Milvio, Hamish Fulton and Maryam Jafri, represented by Arcade, ValentinAntoine Levi, Hester, Espaivisor and Laveronica, respectively.

The weekend programme will also feature a range of live initiatives including performances, educational workshops and a bookshop, as well as a special project by Gabriele De Santis and a presentation of GIFs from smART – polo per l’arte‘s Stop and Go exhibition including Lorna Mills and Carla Gannis, among others.

See the GRANPALAZZO website for details.**

Header image: Brian Kokoska, PoisonIV (2015). Installation view. Photo by Sylvie Chan Liat. Installation view. Courtesy Galerie Valentin, Paris.

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Art Brussels 2016, Apr 22- 24

18 April 2016

From Discovery to Rediscovery is the titular theme of this year’s Art Brussels fair, which is on at the large former industrial building, Tours & Taxis, running April 22 – 24

This year the organisers have decreased the size of the fair by about 50 galleries, promising quality over quantity, and have opened up a strand titled ‘Rediscovery‘ —dedicated to art from the 20th century by artists who are either under-represented or have been forgotten about. In with the rediscovery will be the following, whose booths aqnb recommends to go and see if you are in the capital:

Piotr Łakomy, Leo Fitzmaurice and Tyra Tingleff @ Sunday Painter

Anahita Razmi @ State of Concept

Helen Johnson, Parker Ito and Cayetano FerrerChâteau Shatto

Grear Patterson @ Ellis King

Christine Sun Kim @ Carroll/ Fletcher

Yung Jake @ Steve Turner

Navid Nuur + Anne De Vries @ Martin van Zomeren

Josh Reams + Kate Steciw @ Evelyn Yard

Jonathan Monaghan, Quayola and Addie Wagenknecht at bitforms

At the same time, there is Independent —the smaller art fair that was founded in New York in 2010 is coming to Europe (and Brussels) for the first time —running April 20 to 23.

At Independent Brussels will be Lloyd Corporation at Carlos Ishikawa, Philipp Timischl and Stano Filko at Galerie Emanuel Layr, and Rachel de Joode at Christophe Gaillard. There’ll also be ÅYR, DIS, Ned Vena and Sean Steadman at Project Native Informant, and Caroline Achaintre, John Finneran and John Wallbank at Arcade, along with booths from Ellis King, Brand New Gallery, Château Shatto, Room East and Temnikova & Kasela.

There is also Deborah Bowmann at Poppositions, as well as YIA art fair starting on April 21. The latter being held in the LOUISE 186 building and in there we recommend Julien Langendorff‘s ‘Gutter Magic’.

Also happening in Brussels (no fair) and opening on April 19 running June 4 at Galerie Jeanroch Dard is a solo show by London-based artist Dominic Samsworth called Lounge Elopes and Oscar Tuazon’s General Contractor at  dépendance.

See the Art Brussels exhibition page for more details.**

Christine Sun Kim, too possessive for score (2015). Courtesy the artist
Christine Sun Kim, ‘too possessive for score’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Piotr Łakomy @ Lock Up International, Feb 29 – March 6

29 February 2016

Lock Up International will host a solo show by Piotr Łakomy in Mexico City opening February 29 and running March 6. 

There is little information given around the coming show, Untitled_Map 2011, but Łakomy’s work, which takes recognisable items and objects and makes them somehow into brief memorials, may seem to fit perfectly within Lock Up International’s transient set up. The project, set up by artist Lewis Teague Wright opens shows around the world, occupying different storage units for short periods of time.

Meanwhile, there will also be group show Safety Box Deposit in Frankfurt, opening March 4 and running to March 11. The show is co-curated by Lock Up and Celena Ohmer and it is inside a bank vault, with each artist making something to be unlocked.

Artists for Safety Box Deposit include Bruno Zhu, Emily Jones, Yuri Pattison and Sydney Shen.

See Lock Up International‘s exhibitions page for (limited) details**

Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.
Safety Deposit Box, event image (2016). Courtesy Lock Up International.


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Piotr Łakomy @ Carl Kostyál, Nov 12 – Dec 6

10 November 2015

A solo exhibition by Poznań-based artist Piotr Łakomy is on at London’s Carl Kostyál, opening November 12 and running to December 6.

There’s little information about the exhibition itself except for an image of the neglected, slowly disappearing hexagonal pavers of Poland’s past on the Facebook event page.

However, notable recent exhibitions the Polish born Łakomy has taken part in include John at London’s The Sunday Painter with Hannah Lees and David Musgrave, as well the Museum of Modern Art’s Private Settings, Art after the Internet global group exhibition in Warsaw, curated by Natalia Sielewicz last year.

See the Carl Kostyál website for (limited) details.**

Piotr Łakomy, Life Size Shadow (2013) @ The Sunday Painter. Installation view.
Piotr Łakomy, Life Size Shadow (2013) @ The Sunday Painter. Installation view.

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John @ The Sunday Painter, Apr 2 – May 3

31 March 2015

The Sunday Painter is bringing an inaugural four-artist exhibition titled John to its newly renovated London space, where it will run from April 2 to May 3.

The London gallery welcomes four different artists to take part in the group show John. From the UK, there are London artists Hannah Lees, who recently participated in a website art commission for OPENYOURKIMONO, and David Musgrave, who has exhibited at Tate Britain and appears as part of MoMA’s collection in New York.

Lees and Musgrave are joined by Polish artist Piotr Lakomy, who showed previously at The Sunday Painter with a solo show titled Life Size Shadow in the summer of 2013, as well as US artist Allyson Vieira.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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