Piotr Łakomy @ The Sunday Painter, Sep 30 – Nov 5

, 29 September 2016

Piotr Łakomy is presenting solo exhibition Room Temperature at London’s The Sunday Painter, opening on September 30 and running to November 5.

This will be the second solo show at the gallery for the Poznań-based artist. He works across a variety of media, creating installations that appropriate objects and references from the urban space. Both promotional image and press release are abstract and minimal, including a poem by author of Age of Anxiety, English expat poet W. H. Auden called ‘Prologue: The Birth of Architecture’:

“Some thirty inches from my nose
The frontier of my Person goes,
And all the untilled air between
Is private pagus or demesne.”

Recent exhibitions include Statements, (2016) at Art Basel and a self-titled show at London’s Carl Kostyal in 2015.

Visit The Sunday Painter webpage for more details.**

Piotr Lakomy 'Art Basel Statements', (2016). Courtesy the artist + Art Basel.
Piotr Lakomy ‘Art Basel Statements’, (2016). Courtesy the artist + Art Basel.