Lonely Boys + Philipp Timischl @ KM-Künstlerhaus, Jan 15

, 15 January 2015

KM-Künstlerhaus has got a packed night tonight, featuring an exhibition by Philipp Timischl, a book presentation by Sax Publishers, and a performance at 8pm by Lonely Boys.

Timischl’s exhibition, titled They were treating me like an object. As if I were some sextoy or shit. I don’t wanna see them again, is running at the Austrian gallery from December 6 to January 22, spread over long corridor-like hallways plastered with poster-size artwork and video through which smoke machines gently billow out cloud-like puffs of foggy vapour.

The exhibition is accompanied with a book presentation of Timischl’s print book by the same name by Sax Publishers, and the night is capped off with a performance by Berlin/Vienna’s Lonely Boys.

See the FB event page for details. **

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