Dominic Samsworth

Melting, burning + decaying on the blistering surface of a nuclear sun with the Apocalypse Summer group show in LA

28 July 2017

The Apocalypse Summer group exhibition is on at ltd los angeles, opening July 29 and running to September 9.

Featuring work by Hayden Dunham, Dominic SamsworthLila de Magalhaes, Marian Tubbs and more, the theme of the show follows contemporary anxieties over climate change and capitalist destruction in a short introductory text that follows the mutant realities of imminent human catastrophe:

“Our hallucinations worsen with each passing day of blinding sun, no UV can save us from the banal fate of eating sunscreen by the bucket in a futile attempt to survive life on earth’s blistering surface.”

Other artists involved include Aimee Goguen, Lucas Ajemian, Andrea Marie Breiling, Ross Caliendo, Ian Davis, Anton Lieberman, Jake Longstreth, Chandler McWilliams and Alice Wang.

See the lts los angeles website for details.**


Install view of #HaydenDunham at ‘Last’ group exhib #ACP, running to Mar 23.

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Art Brussels 2016, Apr 22- 24

18 April 2016

From Discovery to Rediscovery is the titular theme of this year’s Art Brussels fair, which is on at the large former industrial building, Tours & Taxis, running April 22 – 24

This year the organisers have decreased the size of the fair by about 50 galleries, promising quality over quantity, and have opened up a strand titled ‘Rediscovery‘ —dedicated to art from the 20th century by artists who are either under-represented or have been forgotten about. In with the rediscovery will be the following, whose booths aqnb recommends to go and see if you are in the capital:

Piotr Łakomy, Leo Fitzmaurice and Tyra Tingleff @ Sunday Painter

Anahita Razmi @ State of Concept

Helen Johnson, Parker Ito and Cayetano FerrerChâteau Shatto

Grear Patterson @ Ellis King

Christine Sun Kim @ Carroll/ Fletcher

Yung Jake @ Steve Turner

Navid Nuur + Anne De Vries @ Martin van Zomeren

Josh Reams + Kate Steciw @ Evelyn Yard

Jonathan Monaghan, Quayola and Addie Wagenknecht at bitforms

At the same time, there is Independent —the smaller art fair that was founded in New York in 2010 is coming to Europe (and Brussels) for the first time —running April 20 to 23.

At Independent Brussels will be Lloyd Corporation at Carlos Ishikawa, Philipp Timischl and Stano Filko at Galerie Emanuel Layr, and Rachel de Joode at Christophe Gaillard. There’ll also be ÅYR, DIS, Ned Vena and Sean Steadman at Project Native Informant, and Caroline Achaintre, John Finneran and John Wallbank at Arcade, along with booths from Ellis King, Brand New Gallery, Château Shatto, Room East and Temnikova & Kasela.

There is also Deborah Bowmann at Poppositions, as well as YIA art fair starting on April 21. The latter being held in the LOUISE 186 building and in there we recommend Julien Langendorff‘s ‘Gutter Magic’.

Also happening in Brussels (no fair) and opening on April 19 running June 4 at Galerie Jeanroch Dard is a solo show by London-based artist Dominic Samsworth called Lounge Elopes and Oscar Tuazon’s General Contractor at  dépendance.

See the Art Brussels exhibition page for more details.**

Christine Sun Kim, too possessive for score (2015). Courtesy the artist
Christine Sun Kim, ‘too possessive for score’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Dominic Samsworth @ Mon Chéri, Sep 12 – Nov 8

11 September 2014

London artist Dominic Samsworth is launching his latest solo exhibition, titled Floridian gut, at Brussels’s Mon Chéri gallery, September 12 to November 8.

Following a group exhibition titled Bien ou Bien that took place at Mon Chéri over the summer and included, among others, Amanda Ross-Ho, Gabriele Beveridge and Michael Staniak, Samsworth is striking out on his own with a solo show ostensibly inspired by the Floridian sheen and “suspicious glamour” of Miami-like nouveau riche.

Using props and textures reminiscent of humid days spent along the Gulf of Mexico – including pineapples, soft neon plastics, and a tanning bed – Samsworth seems to create in Floridian gut exactly what the title promises: the distinct and wordless feeling of life in one of America’s most fascinating and contradictory states.

There is currently no event page for this exhibition but launch times are 5pm to 9pm. **

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