Lila de Magalhaes

Melting, burning + decaying on the blistering surface of a nuclear sun with the Apocalypse Summer group show in LA

28 July 2017

The Apocalypse Summer group exhibition is on at ltd los angeles, opening July 29 and running to September 9.

Featuring work by Hayden Dunham, Dominic SamsworthLila de Magalhaes, Marian Tubbs and more, the theme of the show follows contemporary anxieties over climate change and capitalist destruction in a short introductory text that follows the mutant realities of imminent human catastrophe:

“Our hallucinations worsen with each passing day of blinding sun, no UV can save us from the banal fate of eating sunscreen by the bucket in a futile attempt to survive life on earth’s blistering surface.”

Other artists involved include Aimee Goguen, Lucas Ajemian, Andrea Marie Breiling, Ross Caliendo, Ian Davis, Anton Lieberman, Jake Longstreth, Chandler McWilliams and Alice Wang.

See the lts los angeles website for details.**


Install view of #HaydenDunham at ‘Last’ group exhib #ACP, running to Mar 23.

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Cupid’s Clearasil (2016) exhibition photos

5 January 2017

The Cupid’s Clearasil group exhibition at Portland’s Country Bumpkin ran from August 6 to September 29, 2016. 

Curated by Joaquin Dollar, the show featured work by Lila de Magalhaes, Lucia Leuci, Santiago Leyba and Justine Rivas.

Justine Rivas, ‘Pattern of a crowd’ (2016). Installation view. Image courtesy of Joaquin Dollar and Country Bumpkin, Portland.

An accompanying text goes as follows:

“Imagine Cupid growing up and getting pimples, along with all of the anxiety and identity dysphoria associated with that. A slug imagines itself and it becomes. Through a variety of drawing and sculpture, the works present the imaginings and becomings promised in the liminal. 

With a range of materials from found objects, ceramics, textiles, and epoxy resin to mixed media drawing, Country Bumpkin exploits the rawness of the unfinished basement as a meditation on liminality. Works in the space coalesce around the ever evolving landscape of crumbling cement and darkness.”**

The Cupid’s Clearasil group exhibition was on at Portland’s Country Bumpkin from August 6 to September 29, 2016. 

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Beloved in the Landscape @ New Bretagne Belle Air, Nov 25 – Dec 10

23 November 2016

The Beloved in the Landscape group exhibition at Essen’s New Bretagne Belle Air is opening November 25 and running to December 10.

Curated by New Bretagne and Ana Iwataki & Marion Vasseur Ralu, the show features work by Lauren Coullard, Lila De Magalhaes, Henrik Olai Kaarstein and Simon Lässig

The press release reads as a love letter, but to whom is unclear:

“There is a form of lucidity within you that I didn’t have before you came. My world was a series of mirrors, reflecting only my own obsessions. I was like a child. You were in this strange world of objectivity, full of things and plants…”

Coinciding with the group exhibition, there will also be a solo show by Jonas Lipps curated by New Bretagne at Bel Ètage

See the New Bretagne website for details.**

Henrik Olai Kaarstein, 'Here Comes Iris' (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.
Henrik Olai Kaarstein, ‘Here Comes Iris’ (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.


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Lila de Magalhaes + Cody Tumlin @ SPF15, Aug 28

27 August 2016

Lila de Magalhaes and Cody Tumlin are presenting a joint exhibition hosted by San Diego’s SPF15 at Windansea Beach on August 28.

This will be the 10th iteration of the nomadic gallery’s three-by-three meter pop-up canopy and social sculpture, this time introducing the work of the two artists based in Los Angeles and Nashville, respectively. The press announcement comes accompanied by a text that turns the mind back away from  “these troubled times” to the simpler things in life, like seeing animals in the clouds, dancing colours in the flames, or children’s animations:

“…Remember that show Captain Planet?
And there was the one Planeteer who’s element was heart?
They were the last one to call out. Somehow it seems fitting to bring up here.
And then poof.”

See the FB event page for details.**

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Cupid’s Clearasil @ 7604 SE Washington St, Aug 6 – 27

3 August 2016

The Cupid’s Clearasil group exhibition is on at 7604 SE Washington St (Country Bumpkin) in Portland, opening August 6 and running to August 27.

The residential show, curated by Joaquin Dollar and Erin Johnson, includes the work of Justine Rivas, Santiago Leyba, Lila de MagalhaesLucia Leuci, and Andrea Sisson, that last of whom will also perform on August 20.

The ambiguous press release combines various textual fragments beginning with the declaration, “The coop is violent, the coup is a face. All faces must be exfoliated”. What follows is what appears to be a fictional review of Henri de Marsay’s “latest work” — a fictional character from Balzac’s The Human Comedy —who was given five out of five stars by the ‘reviewer’ and writer of the press release, SICKLUCY. Other fictional reviews are included along with more poetic fragments that address themes of sorrow.

See the FB event page for more details.**

Group Show @ Cupid's Clearasil, Aug 6 - 27

Santiago Leyba, ‘Anxious Plate’ (2014). Etched steel shingle, drywall tape. Courtesy the artist.

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