Melting, burning + decaying on the blistering surface of a nuclear sun with the Apocalypse Summer group show in LA

, 28 July 2017

The Apocalypse Summer group exhibition is on at ltd los angeles, opening July 29 and running to September 9.

Featuring work by Hayden Dunham, Dominic SamsworthLila de Magalhaes, Marian Tubbs and more, the theme of the show follows contemporary anxieties over climate change and capitalist destruction in a short introductory text that follows the mutant realities of imminent human catastrophe:

“Our hallucinations worsen with each passing day of blinding sun, no UV can save us from the banal fate of eating sunscreen by the bucket in a futile attempt to survive life on earth’s blistering surface.”

Other artists involved include Aimee Goguen, Lucas Ajemian, Andrea Marie Breiling, Ross Caliendo, Ian Davis, Anton Lieberman, Jake Longstreth, Chandler McWilliams and Alice Wang.

See the lts los angeles website for details.**


Install view of #HaydenDunham at ‘Last’ group exhib #ACP, running to Mar 23.

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