Dominic Samsworth @ Mon Chéri, Sep 12 – Nov 8

, 11 September 2014

London artist Dominic Samsworth is launching his latest solo exhibition, titled Floridian gut, at Brussels’s Mon Chéri gallery, September 12 to November 8.

Following a group exhibition titled Bien ou Bien that took place at Mon Chéri over the summer and included, among others, Amanda Ross-Ho, Gabriele Beveridge and Michael Staniak, Samsworth is striking out on his own with a solo show ostensibly inspired by the Floridian sheen and “suspicious glamour” of Miami-like nouveau riche.

Using props and textures reminiscent of humid days spent along the Gulf of Mexico – including pineapples, soft neon plastics, and a tanning bed – Samsworth seems to create in Floridian gut exactly what the title promises: the distinct and wordless feeling of life in one of America’s most fascinating and contradictory states.

There is currently no event page for this exhibition but launch times are 5pm to 9pm. **

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