Galen Tipton shares sound pack & explosively playful arrangement for Nimaš Izbire’s Ljubljana Graphic Arts Biennale presentation, Iskra Delta: Onboarding Soundscapes

, 5 November 2021

Nimaš Izbire released compilation Iskra Delta: Onboarding Soundscapes, on October 17, with preview track of Galen Tipton’s ‘Ballad of ISKRA DELTA’ premiering today via AQNB. The record is a collaboration between Nimaš Izbire and The International Center of Graphic Arts Ljubljana (MGLC) for the 34th Ljubljana Graphic Arts Biennale, featuring Torus, Petal Supply, Himera, and others.

An assemblage of spastic and cartoonish samples from their sound pack-styled contribution, Tipton’s ‘Ballad of ISKRA DELTA’ unravels into a high drama of heavy synth lines and granular pitter patter. The composition vaults upwards, exploding over itself over every bar into majestic and short-lived bridge. Suddenly ducking into ambience, the track vaguely dissociates into playful and unknown cries far off in the distance.  

Galen Tipton’s ‘Ballad of ISKRA DELTA’ was released via Nimaš Izbire’s Iskra Delta: Onboarding Soundscapes for the 34th Ljubljana Graphic Arts Biennale on October 17.