The hacksawed sound of a throbbing hangover characterises the analogue physicality of Jannah Quill’s ‘New Year New Paranoia’

, 14 October 2021

Jannah Quill is releasing a self-titled EP via Sydney’s Sumac on November 5, with preview track ‘New Year New Paranoia’ premiering on AQNB today. This will be the first release from the Melbourne-based interdisciplinary artist, who has long-performed her process-driven experiments in audio-visual electronics via site-specific installations and performances.

Quill often deconstructs and reconfigures materials and machinery, circumventing and improvising the intended use of analogue and digital devices to produce interconnected sight and sound live. Meanwhile, her additional interest in club music is distilled to the five tracks of this EP, where ‘New Year New Paranoia’ emerges at an intriguing juncture of harsh noise and post-industrial rhythm in a near-physical sonic manifestation of either pure anxiety, a throbbing hangover, or both.**

Jannah Quill’s self-titled EP is out via Sydney’s Sumac on November 5, 2021.