MarcelDune creates a glimpse into our trance future via a look back into a folk past with the strangely syncopated polyrhythms of ‘2020’

, 30 April 2020

MarcelDune is releasing EP Trnc via Melbourne’s Sumac on May 4, with preview track ‘2020’ premiering on AQNB today. The Athens-based producer is the seventh record on the DJ Plead-run label, with EPs by Fake and Logic1000 also featuring on its emergent catalogue.

The EP features four tracks that carry on an analogue and digital palette of hard dance broken beats and super saw synths. While a track like ‘Run’ features its own odd half-beat variations on what is ultimately a pounding trance, the featured ‘2020’ is the strangest and most exciting of the lot. It opens on a broken folkish polyrhythm, which—at the risk of drawing false cultural associations—resembles the slow-to-fast cadence of a Greek hasapiko of the past before breaking out into dark techno motion of the future.**

MarcelDune’s Trnc EP is out via Melbourne’s Sumac on May 4, 2020.