Dahjyn unleashes a brooding trauma on the aggressive & electrifying blitzkrieg of ‘Salted Hoof’

, 20 August 2021

Dahjyn is releasing EP The Gall via Most Dismal Swamp on August 27, with preview track ‘Salted Hoof’ premiering via AQNB today. It’s the debut releases for the Brooklyn producer and vocalist, featuring five original tracks and remixes from Endgame, Theign, and trngs.

‘Salted Hoof’ spirals into a blitzkrieg of abrasive electronics. Drums puncture ominous vocal overtones, evoking an immediately foreboding atmosphere leading to Dahjyn’s aggressive production style. Groans and howls carve out brief moments of terror under the thundering percussion, the score unfolding into a full-blow characterization of brooding traumas in real-time. It’s an all-consuming score that seldom spares time for reflection until long after its close.**

Dahjyn’s EP The Gall is out via Most Dismal Swamp on August 27.