Most Dismal Swamp

Slippery realities, digital fictions & fluid spaces in the immersive installation group show SugarCumPro ‘white and viscous gold’

8 March 2021

SugarCumPro ‘white and viscous gold’, a group exhibition curated by Jinho Lim, was on at Seoul’s out_sight and OS, running September 22 to November 1. 

Sangjin Kim (2020). Installation view. Image courtesy the artist, out_sight + OS, Seoul.

Featuring immersive installation environments by Stine Deja, Roxman Gatt, Junghun Kim, Sangjin Kim, and Most Dismal Swamp, the exhibition invited viewers into porous spaces, creating organic metaphors for our slippery online and offline realities. As noted in the exhibition text by Jinho Lim and Sangjin Kim:  “Now, we are living in a world not utopian neither dystopian. Unlike the old deterministic division, it is far more slimy and viscous.”**

The SugarCumPro ‘white and viscous gold’ group exhibition was on at out_sight and OS, Seoul, running September 22 to November 1, 2020.

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