I.C.G. debuts on Most Dismal Swamp for an exploration into xenoarcheology & digital decay on ‘Aparelhamento Perpétuo’

, 15 January 2021

I.C.G. is releasing album exostrata via Most Dismal Swamp on January 22, with video for the track ‘Aparelhamento Perpétuo’ premiering on AQNB today. This marks the second label release of the London curatorial project known for their mixed-reality group exhibitions

The video for ‘Aparelhamento Perpétuo’ expands on the haunting ecologies of Most Dismal Swamp’s 2019 presentation SWAMP PROTOCOL, situating I.C.G.’s inquiry into alien archeology and digital decay within 3D-rendered biohazardous landscapes. Military-grade crosshairs dart through microbiomes of putrefying mass, representing an inversion of conventional world-building exercises towards the possibility of fossilized ruins. The artist’s abyssal drum-and-bass — a signature style also heard on their track for São Paulo club night Tormenta’s 2020 compilation C LACRAIA ESTIVESSE VIVA — charts the video’s exploration into the unknown before it dissipates in a blinding haze.**

I.C.G.’s exostrata is out via Most Dismal Swamp on January 22.