Endgame recounts anguish & familial loss with Yayoyanoh on the industrial abyssal beats of ‘Barbed Heart’

, 26 March 2021

Endgame is releasing album Surrender via Precious Metals on April 9th, with preview track ‘Barbed Heart ft. Yayoyanoh’ premiering on AQNB today. The debut full-length refracts the artist’s ferocious club cultivated on his NTS show in the past decade into a vulnerable opus on anguish and familial loss.

Foreboding synth atmospheres seep into earshot at the start of ‘Barbed Heart’, one of two tracks where long-time collaborators join Endgame in recounting his father’s passing and the artist’s journey in the aftermath. Samples of blades unsheathed repeatedly pierce the ambiance before Yayoyanoh’s lyrics signal an upswing. Hi-hats drill over industrial rhythms as the London-based vocalist’s verses turn into pleading croons, abruptly whisked away as the beat comes to a halt—traces of somber synths remaining in the score’s abyss.**

Endgame’s Surrender is out via Precious Metals on April 9th.