Dadras shares ‘Irrational Ham Gobbler’ with a few words on his latest records & inquiry into environmental realities

, 19 March 2021

Dadras is releasing EP Irrational Ham Gobbler on March 19 via UNO NYC, with the title track video premiering on AQNB today. The latest record continues the New York artist’s investigation into ecology, a theme established on his previous Holy Wind album in 2020.

The video for ‘Irrational Ham Gobbler’ appears as a more sinister outcome of changing environmental conditions and decay, portraying a possible near-future where critical ecological infrastructure is observed through distant TV lenses in a sanitized enclave.

It’s a turning point for A$AP Rocky and Eartheater collaborator Alex Dadras’ inquiry into what nature might look like outside his home base of New York City in years to come. In a brief interview, the artist shares his thoughts on the music video as a point for reflection and who, if anyone, should critique society’s role in nature.

**You’ve included a lot of references to ecology across your work. Does your latest record address this at all? If so, how?

AD: I try to toy with the sounds people and nature make to see what they have in common.

**Has your approach changed at all? I ask because this work feels more insidious compared to the farcical attitude of your previous videos like ‘Eucalyptus’.

AD: I sort of feel like humans are down a rabbit hole many generations deep, disconnected.  Both touch on that idea.

**Any thoughts on the Church of Euthanasia?

AD: Dangerous question haha. The planet would probably be better off if people disappeared, but I don’t think that’s anyone’s call.**

Dadras’ Irrational Ham Gobbler is out via UNO NYC on March 19, 2020.