Otro revisits the haunting seascapes of Valencia on the celestial & melancholic ambient of ‘SUBURBIA (ENTERING)’

, 18 February 2021

Otro is self-releasing PORTUARIA on February 22, with video for ‘SUBURBIA (ENTERING)’ premiering via AQNB today. The Valencian artist follows up on their 2019 Vidas EP’s granular atmospheres to turn towards lo-fi and melancholic instrumentals.

The video for ‘SUBURBIA (ENTERING)’ offers a seemingly moody vision of the Mediterranean coastline where Otro is based. Ships under the night sky rock between shots of a greyhound running along the beach, transfiguring into a celestial form that likely crash-landed into the Catalonian sands some time ago. It’s a haunting visual that’s reinforced across the score with the help of even my dreams don’t go outside contributor candelight, whose violin sets heavenly undertones for Otro’s production. Eventually, the populated seascape blurs out as if it never existed in the first place.**

Otro’s PORTUARIA is self-released on February 22.