Maggie Menghan Chen dives into the realm of dreams & finds its restorative value through her ‘深水 Undercurrents’ performance

, 3 December 2020

Maggie Menghan Chen performed ‘深水 Undercurrents’ at Beijing’s X Museum on October 31, with the trailer for the live show (strobe warning) premiering on AQNB today. The Beijing-based artist & S/ash collective co-founder shared the uplifting ‘Body Building Exercise’ video back at the beginning of European lockdown in March, with music by felicita.

The London-born producer and composer returned to score the two-hour long show, featuring Chen herself, along with Kong Kong Du and Lawrence Dong, and comprising chanting, asana practice and dance. Also including marimba by Wang San, jewellery from Eva Wu Yang and costumes by fellow S/ash co-founder a1jewel, is described as “an invitation to a gathering and healing process that encourages the audience to build a private experience through active imagination.”**

Maggie Menghan Chen’s ‘深水 Undercurrents’ performance was on at Beijing’s X Museum on October 31, 2020.