Petal Supply pays brief homage to happy hardcore on the infectious mania-driven beats of ‘You’re So Pretty’

, 20 November 2020

Petal Supply is releasing EP Hey on November 27 via SONG Music LLC, with preview track ‘You’re So Pretty’ premiering on AQNB today. The Victoria-based artist has honed a distinctive electro-driven pop across her discography, including a breakout collaboration with Himera on ‘It’s U’.

The infectious mania of this track feels familiar until overloading into climax. Electro and club-infused beats hammer away under the artist’s AutoTune toplines, drawing loosely from the sound of PC Music stalwarts A.G. Cook and Hannah Diamond’s 2015 track ‘Drop FM’. Of course, Petal Supply shakes up the composition, suspending everything aside from the melody-laden vocals before driving into pummeling happy hardcore. Pop with a short homage to the rave undoubtedly characterizes the artist’s affiliation with the 909 Worldwide crew.**

Petal Supply’s Hey is out November 27.