Precious Metals announces label with the ethereal maximalism of Severin Glance’s Caveat that honors American rap music of the 2010s

, 2 October 2020

Severin Glance is releasing EP Caveat via Precious Metals on October 16, with preview track ‘Threshold Ex’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the debut release from the label formerly known as ENDGAME’s notorious NTS Radio show that has spotlighted emerging club sounds since 2012.

On ‘Threshold Ex’, a high drama of orchestral strings and timbres swell above rattling sub-bass, conjuring ethereal maximalism akin to The Diplomats‘ 2010 mixtape Dipset Trance Party. Severin Glance draws on his upbringing in Florida and the 2010s rap he heard blasting from cars across the southern United States region. “It was so blown out all. I could hear was the bass and vocal sample playing. It sounded so different–it changed the way I looked at songs,” explains the South London artist in the press release.**

Severin Glance’s ‘Caveat’ EP is out via London’s Precious Metals on October 16, 2020.