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Bonaventure, ‘Complexion’ release, Oct 17

17 October 2016

Bonaventure has released her single ‘Complexion’ via the NON Worldwide label on October 17.

A 2016 artist in residence for the Berlin Community Radio Incubator programme, Bonaventure has also been on London’s NTS Radio, sharing her mixes of “disparate genres into smooth sequences that she refuses to protect from abrupt collisions.” A remix of ‘Complexion‘ by NON co-founder Chino Amobi has also been released alongside.

BCR also commissioned Bonaventure’s collaboration ‘Anxietina’ with artist/writer Hannah Black which was performed in July as part of the 2016 Berlin Biennial on the Boat Rage programme and will continue and evolve with new adaptations, having performed twice in London’s ICA and at The PAN label evening at Bloc, and will continue with an upcoming event at MoMA PS1 in April 2017.

See the BCR Incubator webpage (including radio shows, photos and a short video about her residency) for more details.**



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‘Unthinkable’ w The Pitch + J.G. Biberkopf May 14 mix

23 May 2016

In partnership with aqnb, J.G. Biberkopf presents a new Unthinkable segment for NTS Radio. This month’s mix features The Pitch’s Frozen Orchestra ‘Side B’, which forms a self-styled ‘frozen surface’ piece, as distinguished by its gradual composition of slowly shifting prolonged notes. In the context of the whole, it falls at a point of intense emotion, freezing an almost sexual, post-climactic moment, where the new is not yet normal and the old not yet recovered, whereby the mix dallies with the changing, decaying and switching of intensity over time, and the physiological danger of doing so.

Also including tracks by Ssaliva, Amnesia Scanner, Uurah, WWWings, Kentje’sz Beatsz, and Elysia Crampton, the show reflects a merging of sensuous and sensual, even sexual; you could call it the yearly spring Unthinkable-as-sex-tape —an ode to the breathless demise of newly sprung flowers against early spring snow. Or, perhaps, as life and death combine, the significance of such transience only heats up, urging us to consider the intricacies of beauty and mortality.

You can here the radio mix on the NTS Radio Mixcloud or the extended version with accompanying text below:

The creation of new knowledge is an extensive quest. Essential for survival, it is a means of endurance. While sensuousness is a brief, transitory experience prescribed by feeling, reflection is accompanied by negotiation and reconciliation, which in turn is followed by submission, whereby openness is merely a resigning of oneself to the environment. In other words, while arousal to beauty depends on material pleasure, arousal to the sublime accompanies pain and tension. All of this may install a tendency to perpetuate closure, an inclination to ‘freeze’ on prior knowledge and sustain its future.

Analogous to snow —intricately branched, formed from the freezing of water vapour in the air —it exhibits elements of beauty, mortality, and timelessness that consistently allure, regardless of the inherent danger. It proposes an affair, an almost-sexual relationship, as it continues to enthral, bringing confusion while confused itself. Beautifully deadly, danger and satisfaction are tied by a continuum with the extraordinary ability to entice us and draw us toward romantic notions of our surroundings. It comes to light with suggestion and urges us to rethink. New becomes old. It dissolves and is recovered. It feels erotic, moving us to take pleasure in its dissipation. Still, it is capable of charming us into inescapable annihilation while, at the same time, thawing itself.

In a changeable course of reflection it freezes and becomes scattered, while being repeatedly hit by air currents and shifting temperatures in an eternal, amorphous and glorious display. Its singular composition is thus the tangible effect brought about by its own struggle. It descends with enchantment, affecting us and moving us emotionally before settling. At this point, external and internal interweave. We notice limitlessness, while contemplating a limitedness that is existing albeit decaying. It is a harakiri—a form of ritual suicide —of continuation, an urgent end in the interest of a momentary, transitory timelessness.**

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Vanessa Amara – Untitled 6
Ssaliva – Good2love T_T refix
Haruomi Hosono – Korendor
Amnesia Scanner – AS Crust
Boe Strummer – Aguirre
Uurah – Mini Van Crew
Uurah – Bathr
Antwood – Virtous.scr
Mike Oldfield – Evacuation
Good Safe Person – Excerpt from “A Book Unread”
18+ – Love Was Like (Party)
Vangelis Katsoulis – Picture of Another World
Crown Shyness – Scareshen Nimzow
SPK – Breathless
WWWings – Gravity (feat. Endgame)
Hi Tom – 2 Work
Mvster Mind X DJ Blue – Eastcoast Riddim
Kentje’sz Beatsz – 11 Instrumental
WWWings – Even Angels Cry
Coil – Ravenous
Nino Rota – Satyricon
Elysia Crampton – Ax Amores
The Pitch – Frozen Orchestra: Side B

J.G. Biberkopf’s
Unthinkable radio show airs at midnight on a Friday every other month at London’s NTS Radio. This latest one aired May 14, 2016.

See here for more ‘Unthinkable’ mixes.

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Unthinkable w J.G. Biberkopf July 10 mix

17 July 2015

Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable segment airing at midnight on a Friday of every month on London’s NTS Radio represents the work of both sound and visual artists with pure sonics and an accompanying concept. It’s a unique approach to public broadcast that goes beyond just an hour of listening pleasure to a deeper contemplation of ideas and theories that merit closer examination across platforms.

That’s why aqnb has partnered with Biberkopf to follow each show with a short text to contextualise the ideas behind them and the guest presenters they feature. For the segment that aired on July 10, KNIVES label founders Joe Shakespeare of Motto and producer Kuedo presented a mix, along with producer Club Cacao. The track listing, which includes additions from Biberkopf himself, as well as artists like LA-based producer Sentinel, Montreal’s D’eon, and Berlin-based artist Timur Si-Qin with Elysia Crampton (previously E+E).

Listen to the mix and read the text below:

Whether it’s the human body, a CPU, a biological cell, or the internet, by their own nature, complex systems are uncertain. It’s customarily unfeasible to predict exactly how they will act regardless of whether or not we understand the nature of their individual parts. Still, they are hardly accidental. We can understand a complex system as both particular and virtuously systematic. For one, they are graduated — characterised by varying degrees — whereby the individual behaviours of components and collective relationships are scattered at ever-shifting rates.

Because of their dynamic character, it is largely impractical to reduce complex systems based on an idea of fixed, independent parts. The basic dynamics of perceptual organisation, however, are stirred by spontaneous shifts between the various percepts of individual stimuli — each open to having several possible meanings or interpretations. Perceptual shifts arise as a result of continual changes that at times stir the system from one pool of interest to another. In the case of noise, useful connections become blurred, but the development of perceptual shifts carries on.

The same dynamism instills complex systems with a memory, or hysteresis, whereby past modes have the ability to impact today’s — a hysteretic reliance is affected by the system’s previous responses to change. Metamorphic rocks, for example, contain individual grains that together inform elastic, recollective behaviour, while memory also exists as hysteretic loops in socioeconomic and biological systems. For the individual, responsiveness to stimuli can bring out physiochemical shifts, such as the establishment of fragments of memory, which are capable of reshaping future responses.

Relationships within a complex system are non-linear, meaning its totality cannot be understood merely as a sum of the behaviours of its parts, i.e., the total response to a collection of stimuli is not an aggregate of responses caused by each individually. Rather, a slight disturbance can motivate a sizeable outcome. Large-scale forms and gestures may arise instinctively from small-scale behaviours and the interplay between them, while such gestures are always vulnerable to crack as a result of convoluted responses and the self-augmenting mesh of give-and-take.

Importantly, complex systems are not essentially the same as complicated ones. As opposed to complicated systems, which might utilise sophisticated expertise or doctrines, complexity implies a multiplicity of moving parts with no deterministic core. These mechanisms also afford complex systems the ability to adapt their makeup according to changes in their surroundings. At the same time, it is difficult to discern their outer limits — how far do they extend and at what point does their environment begin? **


D’eon – Forever Beautiful
Timur Si-Qin x Elysia Crampton – Recent Horizon (audio)
KNIVES (Joe Shakespeare & Kuedo):
Kuedo – Untitled
Koenraad Ecker – Black Dog Pays a Visit (Excerpt)
Rabit – Jazz x
Kuedo feat. Koenraad Ecker – Untitled
v1984 – Untitled
Sentinel – Let’s Get It (Material refix)
J.G. Biberkopf – Untitled
Nico Niquo – Glass-Patrician (Excerpt)
Lit Internet feat. Endgame – Ampyrean
Koenraad Ecker – The Soul Of The White Ant
Partisan – Angelic Flux Fermata (loop)
v1984 – Untitled
Sequencing: Joe Shakespeare
Sound Design: Kuedo
Fridge, D Nero, Yo Gotti & JGB – Stalking Shawty With Blackout Eyes & Hips Swaying Under Fluorescent Lighting
Airwaves – When Airwaves Swing
Prurient – Jester In Agony
Yasuaki Shimizu – Bridgestone 1
Youngstar – Shottaz Riddim
Lactic Incorporated – He Who Would Mould Public Sentiment (Excerpt)
Club Cacao Mix
Varsee – Virtual (feat. Louder)

J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable radio show airs at midnight on a Friday each month at London’s NTS Radio. This latest one aired July 10, and featured Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare of the Knives label and Club Cacao.

See here for more ‘Unthinkable’ mixes.

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