Oroboro reflects on banality & anxiety on the frayed hyper-rhythms of ‘Ever Wandering’

, 21 August 2020

Oroboro is releasing EP A Clockwork Existence via Los Angeles label TAR on September 11, with preview track ‘Ever Wandering’ premiering today on AQNB. Across past releases with Club Late Music and HEEL.ZONE, the artist honed his distinctive approach to post-rave music, meshing jungle, dub, and breakcore into unrelenting hyperrhythmic beats.  Although the style remains relatively unchanged on this latest record, A Clockwork Existence embraces an introspective touchstone: the banality of working-class life and and its anxiety-inducing breaking point.

This track jumps into up-tempo rhythms. Arpeggiated synths scratch frenetically under the thuds of bass kick drums. The energy rises as syncopated drum patterns create space for a blitzkrieg of screeching electronics. Lead synths wail in the headroom, capturing a fleeting moment before the beat breaks down. A feeling of escape lingers as the track concludes in sparse and frayed electronics.**

Oroboro’s A Clockwork Existence is via TAR on September 11.