Oroboro explores duality & anxiety in the disarrayed rhythms & distorted synth inflections on remix of Air Max ’97, ‘3YE’

, 20 March 2020

Oroboro (aka Emanuele Rossi) is releasing single ‘Air Max ’97, 3YE (Oroboro Remix)’ on March 20, premiering on AQNB today. The Cesena-producer cemented his abrasive club style on 2019 releases with Club Late Music and HEEL.ZONE.

This remix accentuates a growing a sense of anxiety. Fractured percussive samples puncture grim underlying MIDI-bass. Warped synths that are washed in distortion inflect unrelentingly between the breaks of disarrayed rhythms. In the press release, the artist describes how seldom additional production was required to create this track’s fatalistic façade. A dialogue emerges between Oroboro’s disorderly rendition and the lightheartedness of the original work.**

Air Max ’97, ‘3YE (Oroboro Remix)’ is out on March 20.