The music video for Gajek’s kraut-inspired ‘When You Play The Flute, But Your Mother Is Like…’ is an ironically literal take on electroacoustic music

, 17 July 2020

Gajek is releasing LP Vitamin D via the UK’s Throttle Records on August 7, with a music video for ‘When You Play The Flute, But Your Mother Is Like’, directed with Paul Barsch, premiering on AQNB today. The release follows the Berlin-based artist and producer’s previous ’17 album, which also included a 360° video collaboration with Barsch for ‘The Shape Of Pipes To Come‘, as well as cover art by his New Scenario co-founder and collaborator Tilman Hornig.

Musically, the new record is a departure from Gajek’s heavier kraut-inspired club music, where a more blues and folk aesthetic comes through in a hollow body guitar. Formally, tracks like ‘Doorslams and Rockslides’ and ‘People With Nicknames’ feature the motorik rhythms, processed vocals and woven synth protrusions of an electronic sound palette. ‘When You Play The Flute, But Your Mother Is Like…’ follows a similarly analogue-leaning framework for prog-like cadences, with the shabby meme-inspired visuals to match. Various fruits and vegetables are jury-rigged with wires and other electronic apparatuses in an ironically literal interpretation of the track’s electroacoustic style.**

Gajek’s Vitamin D LP is out on the UK’s Throttle Records on August 7, 2020.

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