Slime, skin, fat + cigarette butts in the fungoid micro-abyss of Gajek’s latest 360° video collaboration with Paul Barsch

, 8 March 2018

Gajek (aka Matti Gajek) drops the third video collaboration with artist Paul Barsch for the ‘Vom Hammel’ track from his latest album, ’17, via AQNB today. Released via Berlin’s Monkeytown Records label in November last year, the record revisits what the Berlin-based producer calls “the aesthetics and artistic strategies of 1970s experimental electronics and Kraut from a contemporary digital perspective.”

This visual accompaniment for the blown-out and abstract rhythms of the song follows two earlier ones for ‘St Pierre’ and ‘Futur Zwei’ — also 360° views of a sink and flute sculpture by Barsch and fellow artist Tilman Hornig. Meanwhile, ‘Vom Hammel’ speculates over what’s down the flute-sink’s drain; a circling multi-coloured gore to accompany the ticking, wrenching noise of a track that explores what Gajek calls “the deep strangeness of the familiar.” Root-like, pastel-pink arteries throb in a stew of slime, skin, fat and cigarette butts, while pitched ambient sounds and signals distort and disappear.** 

Gajek’s ’17 album was released via Berlin’s Monkeytown Records on November 3, 2017.