Baby Blue & Ugent create transcendental techno hymns on ‘Magical Kingdom America’ & ‘Count Back From Five’

, 25 June 2020

Baby Blue and Ugent are self-releasing split EP Senescence on July 3, with preview tracks ‘Magical Kingdom America’ and ‘Count Back From Five’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the latest collaboration from the affiliates of the Vancouver collective, s.M.i.L.e. A culmination of their respective hi-RNG techno styles, this project melds the acid-trance synthwork found across Baby Blue’s There Must Be More To Life/Compute with the arresting drum patterns of Ugent’s Outpoust Three / Replica. The end result yields an infectious synergy of transcendental techno hymns that will have any listener yearning to get back on the dance floor.

Baby Blue’s ‘Magical Kingdom America’ takes off with spastic synthesized chords. The four-to-the-floor beat sets the pace for melodic frenzies to transform into a full-blown haywire of arpeggios. Meanwhile, Ugent’s ‘Count Back From Five’ assumes a relatively stripped-back form. Mechanical hi-hat rolls elevate sustained pads above the rhythm, adding a transportive overture to the barebone composition for soothing sonic landscapes to unfold.

Baby Blue and Ugent’s Senescence is self-released on July 3.