peb explores perception-warping MIDI sequences on the unhinged polyrhythms of ‘Interlude I (City)’

, 12 June 2020

peb is releasing album A Blade of Grass has the Status of a Flower via Mutualism on June 20, with preview track ‘Interlude I (City)’ premiering on AQNB today. Markedly different from the artist’s drone experimentations on 2019 EP ocean clocks won’t tell the time, this record elucidates a range of highly-calculated sequences for synthesized drums to sound-off irrationally without reservation.

‘Interlude I (City)’ is a relatively straightforward, yet totally unhinged score. MIDI-synth arpeggios stagger persistently, meshing into chordal intonations suggestive of Caterina Barbieri’s 2017 track ‘Information Needed to Create an Entire Body’. Polyrhythms tumble in to create momentary chaos before the track regains cohesion. The spritely unrest obscures any anticipated sonic impression.

peb’s A Blade of Grass has the Status of a Flower is out via Mutualism on June 20