Two excursions into the de-quantised depths with the premiere of Bine + BFTT’s split EP release on London’s Tobago Tracks release

, 26 January 2018

Premiering today on AQNB is split EP Neizračunljiva škoda/iOSMIDI Tracks by producers Bine and BFTT released via the Watford/Paris-based record label and club night Tobago Tracks on January 26.

With two tracks each, the works move between tone and texture with both chaos and precision, and present what the label describes as “two excursions into the de-quantised depths.” Whether in the club or at home, the EP challenges the audience with “chaotic vision” and melodic “destabilised highs.”

Ljubljana-based Bine kicks off the EP with the first two tracks, beginning with ‘Neizračunljiva škoda‘ that flutters within a directionless arrangement of clicks, snares and percussion.  Ascending through tones, ‘B}{B?’ asks you to follow where it’s going. Leeds-based BFTT’s tracks ‘IOSMIDI8 – Springtide’ and ‘IOSMidi 5 – Birdsong’ cradle the listener in warm melody that hovers between momentum and purpose, falling into ambient drone then back out again as if its run out of battery.**

BFTT and Bine’s ‘Neizračunljiva škoda/iOSMIDI’ tracks are available to purchase here on January 26, 2018.