High-intensity sound & geo-politics at Europe’s least relevant hour from Mary Posa’s ‘Netherlands – Take A Wise Decision’ off EUROVISION 2020

, 15 May 2020

Mary Posa (aka Alexander Iezzi) is self-releasing LP EUROVISION 2020 on May 16, with preview track ‘Netherlands – Take A Wise Decision’ premiering on AQNB today. The Rotterdam and Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist is also known for their sound and performance work with Anne Imhof collaborator Billy Bultheel in their Shadow Hunter series.

Inspired by this year’s now-postponed Eurovision contest—meant to take place in Iezzi’s Netherlands home base—the record is a ‘cover album’ of sorts, reworking tracks from the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest when it last took place in Rotterdam. Each track pairs a given country with an English translation of the song performed on the day. Titles like ‘Russia – Terribly in Love with a Hooligan’ and ‘Bulgaria – Only Children are Allowed Here’ run through chopped, crushed and scrambled edits that become noisy dance edits for an accelerated contemporary moment. They reflect what Clementine Edwards calls a “geo-politics at Europe’s least relevant hour”, and carry through to the muted thump of ‘Netherlands – Take A Wise Decision’. It carries on pitched and looped strings and vocal cut ups that are relentless in their forward momentum, resurrecting the feverish anti-pop of our current and crumbling reality.**

Mary Posa’s EUROVISION 2020 LP is self-released on May 16, 2020.