Approaching Destination: Princess Prada’s Elevate Your Pitch interrogates transnational assimilation & the high drama style of telenovelas

, 30 April 2020

Princess Prada is premiering the video work ‘Elevate Your Pitch’ online today on AQNB. The release follows the Stockholm-based Chilean artist’s 2019 single ‘MONEY MONEY’, a track that likewise blended the futuristic reggaeton and soap opera entertainment motifs expanded upon in ‘Elevate Your Pitch’. In this latest video, the artist interrogates the process of transnational assimilation, negotiating a sense of belonging to the Latinx community while in geographically distant Nordic regions of Europe.

Set between a former Swedish WW2 bunker lined with computer servers and the back seat of a limo, Princess Prada evokes the high drama style of telenovelas to create senses of technologically mediated bewilderment, lost romance and failed togetherness. As a voice over sounds off “You’re approaching your destination”, it seems Elevate Your Pitch is as much about escaping as it is finding a familiar home.**

Princess Prada’s Elevate Your Pitch video is online now.