Club Late Music expands the Global URL Nation with Bungalovv & Kuthi Jin’s ‘Grove Fires’ for their GUN-X series

, 8 January 2020

Club Late Music (CLM) and are releasing collaborative compilation GUN-X01 / HZ#00ff00 on January 15, with a preview track by Bungalovv & Kuthi Jin called ‘Grove Fires’ premiering on AQNB today. Happening as part of Paris/London’s CLM Global URL Nation (GUN) initiative, the first in their GUN-X series sees artists from their community collaborate with the aforementioned Milan-based label’s own roster.

Producers work in pairs, which for this three-track record also includes members Voronhil (aka Krolik) and Oroboro, as well as Shayu, GRIG and Tendre Ael from the GUN community. Together they combine CLMxGUN’s penchant for international, inter-disciplinary experimental club music with the Italian label’s dissonant and fragmented dance floor noise. Bungalovv & Kuthi Jin’s ‘Grove Fires’ is the most rhythmic of the lot, where a distorted synth hook leads organic-sounding drums that eventually devolve into the horror and chaos of monstrous growls, samples and a powerful, crunching bass line.**

Paris/London’s CLMxGUN and Milan’s are releasing X01 / HZ#00ff00 compilation EP on January 15, 2020.