Yre Den’s ‘Silk Evade’ presents a sleek & propulsive club number from a musician without a past on fledgling Cologne label SPA

, 6 December 2019

Yre Den is releasing EP Ilk of Geist on Cologne’s SPA Recordings on December 13, with preview track ‘Silk Evade’ premiering on AQNB today. There is little known about the producer, described by the press release as “a musician without a past” who contributed ‘Oblong Ark’ to the label’s recent Safe Needing Attention compilation, also featuring the likes of Iku, DJ Plead, Maxwell Sterling and Swan Meat.

That track was a glitched and pitched thumper with a spacey lilt and frenetic embellishments, while Ilk of Geist‘s listing follows a similar compositional style that comes across more propulsive and solid. ‘Silk Evade’ especially runs on a bass-y kick and sleek chorale patches not unlike something you’d hear on a Sinjin Hawke track but at a slower BPM with lighter, spatial tones.**

Yre Den’s Ilk of Geist EP is out on Cologne’s SPA Recordings on December 13, 2019.