Swan Meat

Premiere: Sasha Manik drops his Root Angel remix EP with a sound + audio collage by Sybil Montet De Doria

28 June 2017

After dropping his impressive Root Angel EP in November last year, Russian producer and visual artist Sasha Manik follows up with a remix EP, released via Vienna’s AMEN Records on June 15. It features a number of shattered, crushed and expanded reconditionings to songs like ‘Aerial (New Soul)’ and ‘Kingdom’ by the likes of Diego Navarro, Zvuk Solntsa and Club Cacao, among others . Swan Meat contributes a haunting, choral mashup in ‘Aerial Kingdom,’ while MAX 100PERCENT opens the track listing with disintegration and sonic debris in a remix of ‘Transform.’

Also to come along with the new EP is an audio-visual collage by Sybil Montet De Doria, premiered here on AQNB and called ‘Speedlight Hex.’ It features a murky montage of anime images and tree branches, indiscernible landscapes and extraterrestrial-looking moving objects to accompany a condensed version of all the EP remixes for a truly terrifying trip into a space without time.  

De Doria is also a part of the CORE.PAN visual artist duo with Simon Kounovsky, who presented their KMS / Aftermath show at Prague’s Galerie A.M.180 in April.** 

Sasha Manik’s ‘Root Angel’ remix EP was released via Vienna’s Amen Records on June 5, 2017.

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