Premiere: Sasha Manik drops his Root Angel remix EP with a sound + audio collage by Sybil Montet De Doria

, 28 June 2017

After dropping his impressive Root Angel EP in November last year, Russian producer and visual artist Sasha Manik follows up with a remix EP, released via Vienna’s AMEN Records on June 15. It features a number of shattered, crushed and expanded reconditionings to songs like ‘Aerial (New Soul)’ and ‘Kingdom’ by the likes of Diego Navarro, Zvuk Solntsa and Club Cacao, among others . Swan Meat contributes a haunting, choral mashup in ‘Aerial Kingdom,’ while MAX 100PERCENT opens the track listing with disintegration and sonic debris in a remix of ‘Transform.’

Also to come along with the new EP is an audio-visual collage by Sybil Montet De Doria, premiered here on AQNB and called ‘Speedlight Hex.’ It features a murky montage of anime images and tree branches, indiscernible landscapes and extraterrestrial-looking moving objects to accompany a condensed version of all the EP remixes for a truly terrifying trip into a space without time.  

De Doria is also a part of the CORE.PAN visual artist duo with Simon Kounovsky, who presented their KMS / Aftermath show at Prague’s Galerie A.M.180 in April.** 

Sasha Manik’s ‘Root Angel’ remix EP was released via Vienna’s Amen Records on June 5, 2017.