Ptwiggs envisions a future of seamless integration with technology in the cyborg feminist heaven of ‘When Shaken By A Strong Wind’

, 28 November 2019

Ptwiggs released EP Darkening of Light via Newcastle Upon Thyne’s Opal Tapes on November 15, with the music video for ‘When Shaken By A Strong Wind’ premiering on AQNB today. The Sydney-based producer dropped a thrillingly noisy and industrial take on gabber and techno with the free three-track EP RIP last year.

This latest EP is more stylized and conceptual, featuring cover artwork by Gergő Kovács with a dark fantasy and druid rave aesthetic. The music itself is also more mercurial and narrative-oriented, where Ptwiggs’ signature industrial beats and distorted sub bass is incorporated into the softer side of extra pads, choral patches and attention to dynamics. Directed by Jos Eastwood, the video for the Book of Revelations-referencing ‘When Shaken By A Strong Wind’ features twins Makhosi and Thabani Mpofu navigating a future Cyborgian space where spirituality and technology meet. Here, “Every google search is a little prayer.”**

Ptwiggs’ Darkening of Light EP was released via Newcastle Upon Thyne’s Opal Tapes on November 15, 2019.