J Sliwa’s europop & gothic dance excursions soar through the melancholy dream trance of ‘Maternal Immortality’

, 8 October 2019

J Sliwa is releasing EP Eternal Now via Helsinki’s THRDEYEVSN on October 11, with preview track ‘Maternal Immortality’ premiering on AQNB today. The debut record from the Copenhagen-based duo focusses on the melodic, percussive and bass-heavy aspects of their EDM excursions, which feature elements of the ecstatic europop and gothic dance of other 00s outfits, from Paul van Dyk to t.A.T.u..

The EP follows in the contemporary trend for revisiting trance and rave styles and aeshetics on the underground, along with post-club artists likes of Rui Ho, Sun Angels and Keiska. ‘Maternal Immortality’ is a weighty, high-energy number that soars through cut-up and pitched vocal accents exploring the depths of what it means to be human. A rising synth sweep builds and drops over the cavernous atmospherics and melancholy piano keys that echoes the riff of Robert Miles’ famous ‘Children‘ to produce their own iconic dream trance anthem .**

J Sliwa’s Eternal Now EP is via Helsinki’s THRDEYEVSN on October 11, 2019.