Fausto Mercier’s high definition sound design is an infectiously frenzied experiment in elastic plasticity on ‘Firmest Fine’

, 20 September 2019

Fausto Mercier is releasing album Fullscreen via Prague’s Genot Centre on October 2, with preview track ‘Firmest Fine’ premiering on AQNB today. The Hungarian producer and sound designer released a collaborative album with omotopopo on Budapest label Exiles last month, as well as solo work on Warsaw’s Pointless Geometry last year.

Funnily enough, the aforementioned Polish label releases its music on tape, as does Genot Centre, which in the case of Fausto Mercier is ironic, given the hyper-high-definition nature of their sound. Compositionally, the record echoes the playful post-footwork styles of artists like hmurd and Galen Tipton with the elasticated plasticity of contemporary bubblegum pop. Album opener ‘Firmest Fine’ promises to be one of the most dance-oriented tracks on the listing, promising a 4/4 banger on a distorted, pumping sweep before it collapses into a full-blown ticklish sound experiment, then circling back.**

Fausto Mercier’s Fullscreen album is out via Prague’s Genot Centre on October 2, 2019.