Galtier pays homage to Mexico’s tribal guarachero with his intergalactic ‘Glass Hammer’ track bound for earth

, 20 June 2019

Galtier is releasing EP Luuos’ Output via London’s Nostro Hood System (NHS) on June 28, with a preview of track ‘Glass Hammer’ premiering on AQNB today. The Bristol-based Australian producer has dropped on other labels like NAAFI, Files Rec and Infinite Machine, building on his hybrid house, techno, dubstep, and UK garage with more dub-adjacent styles.

Luuos’ Output follows the concept of last year’s Terran EP, where its titular lone human confronted spirituality and human existence while floating through space. Luuos’ Output returns to earth this time, with a “a gaseous-based sphere renowned for its capacity to infiltrate biological life that enters its atmosphere and synthesises their inner self into atomised matter.” As a result, this EP is more percussive and club-oriented, with four tracks featuring 4/4 variants and broken beats with a focus on rhythm and movement. ‘Glass Hammer’ is a synthesised homage to Mexico’s tribal guarachero style, where an insistent horn patch blares over hollow drums, whistles and the occasional cosmic interlude.**

Galtier’s Luuos’ Output EP is out via London’s Nostro Hood System on June 28, 2019.