Dynamics & composition push through the hard electronic post-club style of Madrid’s Loyalty XIX on ‘Cerate’ featuring DJ Heroin

, 24 May 2019

Loyalty XIX (aka Ignacio Lucena Moreno) is self-releasing single ‘Cerate’ via AQNB today. After releasing EPs CRONOS on TAR and BOSQUE on Amen in 2017, the Madrid-based producer and graphic designer followed with a year of relative silence to start up fledgling club night collective Daga collective before teaming up with Berlin’s DJ Heroin on this new track.

Although it’s clear that DJ Heroin has had an influence on the softening supersaw sound of ‘Cerate’, the tracks more nuanced dynamics track a deepening trend in both Moreno’s work and the brutal post-club dance genre in general towards intricacy and compositional focus. The hard electro thrust is still present but there’s more room to breathe in its euphoric fractures and buildups.**

Loyalty XIX’s self-released ‘Cerate ft. DJ Heroin’ single is out now.