Listen to the industrial anachronism of LOYALTY XIX’s brutal ‘FATAL MENTALITY’ inspired by his own life + the Middle Ages

, 23 November 2017

LOYALTY XIX is releasing his second EP this year, BOSQUE, via Vienna’s AMEN Records on November 24. In advance of the drop tomorrow, the Madrid-based producer and graphic designer, otherwise known as Ignacio Lucena Moreno, shares a track called ‘FATAL MENTALITY’ via AQNB today.

Moving on quickly from his CRONOS EP — which came out only six months earlier and is tagged on the TAR Soundcloud page with ‘#BRUTALITY’ — ‘FATAL MENTALITY’ carries over the hammering, distorted beats of earlier recordings into this most recent one. While this particular piece doesn’t so much reveal the “organic and medieval aesthetic” that Moreno self-describes as being the foundation of the rest of BOSQUE, the slow buildup of a symphony in opener ‘LAND OF SAINTS’ certainly points to the new inspiration.

“There are still touches of tension in my music, but also orchestral in a thrilling landscape,” writes Moreno about what he explains is ‘a new window’ into personal, though aggressive songs referencing things he grew up with. “[It’s] a new way for me to express my production without using industrial sounds.”**

BOSQUE’s LOYALTY XIX EP is out via Vienna’s Amen Records on November 24, 2017.