Basic Rhythm carries the mantle of pirate radio into the modernist hardcore of our desolate post-industrial present for ‘Buss It’

, 29 April 2019

Basic Rhythm (aka Anthoney Hart) is releasing album On The Threshold via the UK’s Planet Mu on May 10, with preview track ‘Buss It’ premiering via AQNB today. The London-based artist has been DJ-ing and producing under a number of aliases since his 90s pirate radio days, more recently releasing a grime, dancehall, DnB and techno-influenced album called Red, White & Zero as East Man.

Hart takes on another moniker for his second release on the Mike Paradinas-founded label, where tracks are built up and out from his formative experience of London’s original DIY jungle and hardcore years. Titles like ‘Fi Di Gyal’, ‘The Kru’ and ‘St. Fabian Tower’ point to this past, while ‘Buss It’ plunges the familiar sub-bass lines, spartan vocal samples and dark, metallic clanks into minimal compositions that resonate with our desolate, post-industrial present.**

Basic Rhythm’s On The Threshold album isout via the UK’s Planet Mu on May 10, 2019.