DJ Plead delivers bristling & stark percussion inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms for ‘Baharat’, named after a Lebanese spice blend

, 28 February 2019

DJ Plead is releasing EP Pleats Plead via London’s Nervous Horizon on March 1, with a preview of track ‘Baharat’ premiering on AQNB today. Otherwise known as Jarred Beeler, the Melbourne-based producer dropped his debut record Get in Circle on Decisions this time last year, referencing his Lebanese background in a complex and bodily rendition of Middle Eastern percussion

The focus on beats continues with Pleats Plead, where tracks like ‘Salt and Pepper’, ‘Crush and Burn’ and ‘Shoulder Pop’ bristle with stark and minimal polyrhythms that batter the subtle inserts of flute, vocal samples, pads. Named after the Lebanese seasoning blend — which literally translates to ‘spice’ in Arabic — EP opener ‘Baharat”s looping tabla sample intensifies a low kick and a cavorting Mijwiz wind instrument is added for zest.**  

DJ Plead’s Pleats Plead EP is out on London’s Nervous Horizon on March 1, 2018.