DJ Plead shares his hard Middle Eastern rhythms for debut EP Get in Circle, inspired by Lebanese weddings + footwork

, 22 February 2018

DJ Plead (aka Jarred Beeler) is releasing debut EP Get in Circle via Melbourne’s Decisions label on March 2, with a preview of its title track premiering on AQNB today.

The Melbourne-based producer, also of electronic duo Poison, references his own background in the simulated hard sticks, clappers, hand drums of ‘Get in Circle,’ all woven into a complex and bodily rendition of Middle Eastern percussion. Referencing the dancing circles of Lebanese weddings, while puncturing its polyrhythms with some oh-so-subtle vocal cut ups, the track is an Australian club rendition of the high-energy tradition that inspires it.**

DJ Plead’s Get in Circle EP is out via Melbourne’s Decisions label on March 2, 2018.