El Plvybxy contemplates the pre-Columbian “continent of life” with the feverish pace of a producer establishing their identity

, 26 November 2018

El Plvybxy (aka Gregorio Da Silva) is releasing EP Abya Yala via Houston’s Majía label on November 30, with a preview of the ‘Febre’ track premiering on AQNB today. The Buenos Aires-based producer is also co-founder of Agva Records, releasing his own stuff on Pineal Sounds and Oxyorange and working with the likes of Catnapp and WULFFLUW XCIV.

Abya Yala takes its title from an pre-Colombian term for parts of the region now known as South America, which translates to “continent of life”. Combining elements of Da Silva’s own Brazilian and Argentinian roots and giving the tracks titles in either Portugese or Spanish, the record comes as a multifaceted relic of a complex colonial history. The music includes field recordings collected during a trip through Brazil’s Região dos Lagos region that have been processed and filtered through a baile funk and hard trance impulse, while Morita Vargas and Lao of NAAFI also contribute to the track listing.**

El Plvybxy’s Abya Yala Ep is out via Houston’s Majía label on November 30, 2018.