Korma‘s Waxworm EP oozes out of the distorted cracks between World Wars for the Seattle-based producer’s Majía release

, 10 May 2018

Korma‘s Waxworm EP is being released via Houston’s Majía label on May 11, with a preview of ‘Gala’ premiering on AQNB today. Following up last year’s Lacewing record, as well as an Infinite Machine drop and a bootleg by Total Freedom, the Seattle-based producer makes a morose mix of grime’s deepest bass lines with the excess and force of powerviolence. 

For the ‘Gala’ release premiering today, the music is a sort of sonic outlier, listed as a ‘bonus’ track in the media pack, it’s a synthesised orchestral number, complete with galactic tropes and laser shooter samples. It closes an EP that’s heavily invested in the brutal reality of an earth on the edge of war, where the the file name for the murky album artwork is “WW3” and the crushing rate of the rest of the record reflects that.**  

Korma’s Waxworm EP is out via Houston’s Majía label on May 11, 2018.