Lensk’s Flatline EP applies critical theory & musicology to a brittle take on a tactile tangle of hi-tech noise & ambient

, 5 October 2018

Lensk (aka Andrzej Frelek) is releasing EP Flatline via Barcelona’s angoisse label on October 9, with a preview of their ‘Stoptime’ track premiering on AQNB today. The Warsaw-based producer and MESTIÇO club night co-founder applies an interest in critical theory and musicology to a brittle take on ambient, hi-tech noise and club music.

Lensk has mostly self-released in the past, aside from a 10-minute single, dropped via Montreal/Mexico City-based label Infinite Machine, and a couple of mixes for the likes of Jerome Worldwide and s.M.i.L.e. ‘Stoptime’ comes out as part of the Flatline EP in several formats, including digital, cassette and a special limited silver necklace designed by angoisse founder David M. Romero and handmade by Niwen Paola. The track itself is an arrhythmic crawl through tactile pieces of plodding beats and cut up vocal samples that give the illusion of space in what is ultimately a neurotic aural tangle.**

Lensk’s Flatline EP is out via Barcelona’s angoisse label on October 9, 2018.