Avbvrn premieres ‘Gorge,’ exploring the scope, strength + fragility of nature in GoPro audio for upcoming A Hunt EP

, 12 December 2017

Avbvrn announces his upcoming A Hunt EP, out via Jerome on December 28, with a preview of a track called ‘Gorge,’ premiering on AQNB today. The record comes after a trip by the Frankfurt-based producer to an isolated part of Zimbabwe to visit his partner’s father. Struck by the natural beauty and vast expanse of space where they would often walk and work, the experience came at the same time as Avbvrn was collecting GoPro footage of desolate and remote locations. “I was really drawn to a lot of the sounds in the videos,” he writes via email. “Being surrounded by such impressive nature 24/7 really inspired me to use the audio from the videos as material.”

Each track on the EP consists a small set of samples that the artist ‘mined’ and manipulated to give a sense of intensity that mirrored the environments where the source material was produced. ‘Gorge’ is the most club-friendly track of the track listing, that includes titles ‘Ravine,’ ‘Flood’ and ‘Mist.’ Each one is of wildly varying length, tonality and tempo, while all of them convey “the scope and strength, but also the fragility of nature.”**

Avbvrn’s A Hunt EP is out via Jerome on December 28, 2017.