Silkscreen Memory: new poetry by Lex Brown

, 5 December 2017

Silkscreen Memory

I found myself longing for an alien visitation
I found myself dropping my phone
I found myself in a twilight hour
I found myself
And then I found myself
A spoken poem
A sound
Knocking on the door of my family
Lying under the kitchen table
Kissing the spines of faith’s books
Looking for DIY home improvement tips
On how to let in light
without a whole bunch of drafts
How to insulate a thigh,
An eye sore from looky-looing
At the Trainwreck Moment
Next page:
“How to Construct Your Own Other Side”
Beyond the apparent confines of
How to get Saturn out of your sign
Building the golden gate
with a list of materials,
tools needed to construct it,
and described actions.
1. Determine the size of the gate you want
in human numbers and units
2. Eat a better breakfast than chickenscratch and cliff bars
3. And know
From our mother we learn to forgive
From our father we learn not to forget
And from the The Bachelor we learn to Trust The Process
To not let the infomercial fool you into thinking it’s the programming.
Its power lies in how it seems endless and 
full of personally directed shame
Be patient and see
All things grow and all things end
Even violent things die
If left unfed


Lex Brown is an artist and writer based in New York with recent exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the New Museum and International Center of Photography in New York. Her first work in fiction My Wet Hot Drone Summer, a sci-fi erotic novella that takes on surveillance and social justice, is available from Badlands Unlimited.**