Stand By Your Man: poetry by Sophie Jung

, 20 June 2018


Poor little thing
I was going to add little later
A little late, her. I lit and ate her
Cross bun
           my heart
I didn’t mean to cause grief.
I didn’t mean to enter grief.
Case, to open your griefcase while you went to the smelly old train loo
Not a problem I’ll watch it for you. I’ll watch you for you and open your
Briefly, just briefly. It shed light / no light / light /no light.
I lit it and scratched the charred bits off
On second thought. In a new line
Or in an other file.
I was going to add a little burnt off dust to
This or that
I was going to not add little.
You’re neither big not small nor this nor that.
You’re a bit in my heart
I say you bit in my heart and regurgitatedly fed it to the
baby rabbits on flushing / something.
The little ones.


Stand By Your Man

I read
I wanna say
And white lies cos I never
I’d never!
Read it
back to front
top to bottom
up and down
size me up and a way to deal with the
nature of pow pow.
Sign there’s a
nature of pow power struggles but won’t quite escape
A pre nupiter
A pre
sent a scent your way but I heard it got trapped it got stolen it got swollen
Ankles and wrists.

A sign:
A swan a swarm a horn a dog a bot a fly
While white or whilst white while
A while a-
go away for a
While I slept.
Drip drop and tip top to bottoms
up on the summit there’s summat: a
The flow
Her and her and her and in fact
It’s all men
means a series of ridges, furrows or linear marks, and is used in several ways:
I can be used in several ways.
My left arm can stir
up trouble and down a double
of whatever is red and dull
My right arm can do things you’ve heard about but won’t repeat.

The flow away hair
aye aye fly away whore
Flyer that says
FIRE sale come one day only
Come one day
One day I’ll come and

There’s a story

Please note the M + S pyjamas, what I tried to do was hint at this domesticity
Can you tell?

A cold stone frog
A stone cold fog
Around every ankle in my bod bod
Around every wist
fullness and emptyness
and half of the both is something I never concerned myself with.

A cold stone frog
hanging on a threat of
If ever
If only
If lonely
If lonely you
You came.**




Sophie Jung (b.1982) lives and works in Basel and London. Using words, gestures and found(ed) objects, her practice addresses representation and its pitfalls, both culturally as a system of disguised and shifting signs and personally as a way to track and record life. She has a deep trust in temporary definitions, to be sculpted while lazing on the apron proscenium, the pre-stage, as a fluid messenger between reception and production of time-lined purport. Recent projects and exhibitions include Äppärät at Ballroom Marfa, Unmittelbare Konsequenzen at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen, Producing my Credentials at Kunstraum London, Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water at Blain | Southern, London and Paramount VS Tantamount at Kunsthalle Basel. Forthcoming projects include a solo exhibition at Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart and a commissioned performance project at JOAN in Los Angeles. 

Header image courtesy Regula Huegli / Sophie Jung